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Lift Systems

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Lift Systems

Lift systems are a great way to increase mobility within a multi-level home. They can ensure you or your loved one in a wheelchair can move with ease between floors. Others may be mobile but find taking the stairs a nearly impossible task. They, too, will be able to move between floors with ease.

Installing a stair lift enables a person to sit down in a chair to be transported to the top of the stairs making a nearly impossible task menial. You or your loved one will be able to access all parts of the house with little to no help allowing you or your loved one to maintain their independent living style.

These lift systems are not limited to the indoors. They can also be located outside by the pool or hot tub to help with getting in and out whether it be for recreational use or therapy.

The remodeling experts in our DreamMaker franchises pride themselves on using quality equipment and materials to ensure your safety when using the lift system that best fits your needs.

As a DreamMaker franchise, the remodeling team in your area operates on a stringent Code of Values™ that is expressed through treating customers with absolute respect and demonstrating integrity in all the work they do. No matter what vision you have for your bathroom remodel, DreamMaker will work tirelessly to ensure the end result meets even your highest expectations.

Call your local DreamMaker[SB1] design center today to speak with a professional directly. Each of our locations is independently owned and operated, so the services available in your area may vary.



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