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Accessible or Universal Kitchens

Accessible or Universal kitchens are built to accommodate everyone! Remodeling your kitchen to the standards of universal design allows you to stay in your home through all seasons of life and welcome guests who may have special mobility needs.

Universal design also is great for children who are active in the kitchen and cannot reach the light switch. Choosing a universal kitchen creates a safe environment that accommodates all walks of life in a comfortable yet stylish fashion.

Your kitchen will be transformed into a safe and fun environment that fits within the confines of your taste and your budget while maximizing the capacity of independent living.

There are many ways to help keep you and your family members independent, and this is one option that has a limitless amount of possibilities. Allow our DreamMaker design experts to enlighten you about the many products and services we offer to help create safe, independent living situations. DreamMaker remodeling experts are here to help achieve the highest level of living no matter the budget or the request.

From start to finish, DreamMaker’s design/build approach gives confidence in the finished project. Some of these benefits include:

o    Cost savings – Rather than paying separate fees to a designer and a remodeler, you can save money by having a DreamMaker expert handle the kitchen remodel from start to finish.

o    Consistency – When an architect creates plans and then hands them off to a separate contractor who will complete the remodel, the project can be plagued by miscommunications, oversights and delays. Because DreamMaker takes a comprehensive approach, the process flows smoothly from the design to the remodeling stages.

o    Accountability – If a problem arises during a traditional kitchen remodel, finger-pointing may occur between architects and remodelers. However, with a DreamMaker remodeling expert, you always will have one point of contact for any questions, requests or concerns.

o    Extraordinary results – By handling all aspects of your kitchen remodel, our DreamMaker franchise remodeling experts can ensure the work will meet the company’s exceptionally high standards


Find a local DreamMaker design center [SB1] near you to speak with a professional directly. Each of our locations is independently owned and operated, so the services available in your area may vary.


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