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Revitalize Your Home for Spring

Home Remodeling Spring

To the dismay of many, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last month and thus administered to all six more weeks of winter.

As we wait in anticipation for the sunshine and springtime, dreaming of barbeques and gardening, another spring custom pesters at the back of our minds: spring cleaning. We dread it, perhaps more than the additional weeks of winter. But why wait for warmer weather to jump into action? As the biting wind blows outside, grab your checklist, cleaning supplies and thinking cap, and let’s get a head start.

Your annual cleaning traditions – dusting, waxing, scrubbing, and polishing – should not be overlooked. Spring is inspired by revitalization, and the home should be no exception. Despite the dusted, waxed, scrubbed, and polished nooks and crannies of your home, you still aren’t satisfied. There is so much pressure to spring clean that we overlook a key element to rejuvenating your home: spring organizing.

As you take a step back and evaluate your living spaces, what catches your eye? The things? The stuff? The junk? Without effort, we seem to accumulate “stuff” throughout the year. The problem is that all this stuff gathers, clutters and gets in the way. All the little things pile up without a permanent storage location and make our homes messy. The solution? Storage, and lots of if it.

Before the spring sunshine emerges, let’s take a look at the three L’s of storage: 


Home Remodeling SpringNo matter how vigorously you scrub, you can’t get rid of all the “stuff.” After a thorough back and forth of, “Do I really need this?” there are still things that need places to accommodate them. When you think ‘storage containers,’ do images of thick plastic totes stacked in the garage come to mind? While these bins are great for stowing holiday decorations and resisting unfavorable weather conditions, they don’t look so great stacked in living areas of your home. Woven baskets, storage ottomans, and refurbished filing cabinets all make decorative, and functional ways to store the “stuff” you just can’t seem to find a place for.

Lids play a vital role in concealing your less attractive things.  In our constant quest to find more storage places, lids offer a sensible solution.  Hiding your less attractive things in the open  – with the assistance of a lid, adds aestheticism and storage to any room in the home.


Home Remodeling SpringEverything is cleared up and put away, but you don’t know where any of it went. Labels are just as useful in the kitchen and bedrooms as they are in the home office and closets. Labels in living spaces give you the opportunity to get creative. Leave the label maker at the office, and hand-write decorative tags for your new, lidded, storage containers. Chalk, clothespins, and vintage luggage tags give subtle decorative additions to your stored items, and give you the piece of mind of knowing where it all is.


Home Remodeling SpringThe addition of a bookshelf creates the illusion of height and depth in any room. Bookshelves take up wall space and draw the eye up, so they can double as an artistic element. While bookshelves serve a functional purpose for storage, they can be embellished with paint, patterns, and pieces to add creativity.  Placing lidded boxes amid sculptures and literature seamlessly stores and decorates. With the endless styles of bookshelves, finding one that fits your style (and your budget) should be a breeze.

On the subject of breezes, spring is on its way. With lids, labels and a ladder in hand, get your bookshelves up and decorated as spring gets under way. When the sunshine arrives, enjoy your organized home and the joy of spring.

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