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A New Look for the New Year

Want to Give Your Home a New Look for the New Year? Start Planning Now!

 Home Remodel New Look

Signs are popping up everywhere. Summer is over. Holidays are coming, and you really wish your kitchen or bathroom (or both) were ready for company. 

You watch those reality television shows that go “Poof!” and instantly, your home is transformed and ready for the holidays. Reality: It’s not that simple. While television shows may tempt you to squeeze in a complete remodel before the new year, think twice before jumping in head first. To get it all done, you will need to factor in design meetings (if you can get a remodeling contractor who is not booked), make room in your busy schedule to tear up the most used rooms in your home (especially the kitchen) and you haven’t even started your holiday shopping (pile that among inevitable holiday chaos). Even worse, if a scheduling complication arises, you may be hosting a holiday meal surrounded by sheets of plastic and exposed electrical wiring. Feeling stressed?


Read What DreamMaker Remodeling Professionals Have to Say

glen borkowski

While a tempting quick fix might satisfy your holiday needs, will you still like it years from now?  Several DreamMaker professionals explain why it may be best to postpone tearing out walls until after the holiday season. Remodeling your home is a meaningful investment, and DreamMaker wants to ensure customer satisfaction for years to come.

Even though there may not be time in the calendar for a full kitchen remodel, there is time to begin planning so the project can start just after the new year. Grab a cup of coffee and relax as you begin your preparations. Better yet, grab your phone and call a remodeling contractor to help with the planning.

“And then,” counsels Glen Borkowski of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Southwest Suburban Chicagoland, “your dream kitchen will be ready in time for Christmas, Christmas 2015, that is.”

Planning is the key, said Borkowski. With rooms as important as your kitchen and bathroom, don’t settle for just getting something new. “It will look good to you for a while, maybe even for a year, but you are going to start wishing you had done this or that. We like to spend two or three meetings with a homeowner, asking questions about their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes.” Because of busy schedules, homeowners may be able to meet only once a week. This gives clients ample time to thoroughly envision their dream kitchen.

jd norris


J.D. Norris of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Aiken (South Carolina) agrees he first consults with a potential customer “to gain an understanding of their needs, wants, fixtures, brands and other details.”

The typical kitchen remodel today takes an average of four to six weeks (minimum of three weeks) and six to eight weeks for a larger kitchen remodel, he said. That’s if all the products come in on time, are correct and everything goes according to plan. 


Patty Gray

Patty Gray of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Bakersfield (California) said all would have to go perfectly to fully remodel a kitchen in time for the Christmas holidays.

“We are almost past the opportunity,” Gray said. “Typically, I would tell them they need to come in now to start the process, and we would need two weeks to design, six weeks from the time they sign a contract for staging and scheduling and six weeks to complete the average kitchen, four weeks for a bath.

“That puts us at 12 weeks and about Dec. 15, but that is if all is perfect throughout the entire process,” Gray added.  “So we are telling clients that we are looking at the first of the year, so let’s get the contracts signed so we can start immediately after the holidays,” she said.


Curt TrampeWhile it might be possible, especially for a bathroom remodel, a full remodel project before Christmas doesn’t come with any guarantees, said Curt Trampe of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Springfield (Illinois).

“Depending on the scope of work, I always like to have plenty of buffer to get a project completed before a holiday deadline. Stuff always comes up, and I don’t really want to be the bad guy for someone’s holiday celebration.” Trampe and fellow DreamMaker remodeling professionals agree a good remodel starts with good planning and ordering before construction even begins.


Deb WitteDeb Witte of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of The Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs, Colorado, agrees, saying “We don’t start a project until all the products are in so it would be really, really tight [to do a full remodel before Christmas].

“We would be very upfront with them that if they were dead set on having it done by Christmas, we may not be the right fit for them. The project may get completed, but we would not want to go into it, promising it would be done by Christmas.”


Take Time to Tailor a Remodel that Fits Your Unique Needs & Style Preference for Years to Come

Borkowski said homeowners may often have waited 15-20 years to remodel a kitchen or bath. If they are planning to stay in their home, it makes sense to plan carefully before just jumping into a remodeling project. “True remodeling is not just the WOW! Factor; it’s the WHY factor,” he said. “You need to address the “why” before the “wow”.

“Remodeling is not a commodity; it’s a service,” he said. If someone wants to go out and buy new appliances or cabinets and countertops from a big box store, he or she can do that. He said the DreamMaker system wants to tailor the remodeling project to fit each client, their needs and desires.

At DreamMaker we start with the basic concept that no two clients choose to remodel for the same reason. We like to dig down and ask questions about you and your family in order to put together a solution that's tailored to fit to your home and lifestyle. If you shortcut the process, you might find yourself less than satisfied with the results. What you want to avoid is walking into your remodeled area and then realizing that you wish you would have done things a little differently, and that's the risk you take when you try to hurry the process.

“So unless you want a quickie facelift, trying to get a full remodel before the holidays is just not realistic,” Borkowski added. “You may end up making decisions that are not well-thought out, and if anything goes wrong, you are going to miss your deadline.

My advice is to say, “OK, let’s come in and get the process started,” he said. Calling a remodeler is key to getting your project started. Let them know what you are thinking and wanting, and then schedule a time to sit down with them or a designer. Think of the planning process as a Christmas gift to yourself – a gift that won’t stress you out.

So as you begin decorating your home for the holidays, keep an eye out for the things you couldn’t deal with (or without) for another year. Call a DreamMaker professional and let them help you plan your dream home.

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