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Living Room Design Ideas with Floating Furniture

“Floating” furniture is a trending living room style. How do you “float” furniture? By pulling all the main furniture away from the walls to the center of the room. Floating your furniture can really create a dynamic look, especially if combined with some of our other remodeling tips.

Divide the Space

You can use furniture to divide the space. This is particularly effective for establishing the boundary between the living room and kitchen in an open floor home. Just position a long sofa facing away from the kitchen. The back of the sofa marks the boundary where the living room ends and where the kitchen begins.

Create a “Furniture Island”

All the seating and tables tend to be huddled closer together in a floating furniture arrangement. This is great for creating a furniture island that also serves as the room’s focal piece. For an added island effect, confine all the furniture within a large high-end rug. This arrangement is ideal for living rooms that lack an existing focal point, such as a fireplace. 

Add an Outer Table

You can add a small table right behind a sofa. This gives you additional storage space, not to mention more surface area for adding small tabletop décor. This also helps to fill up the room if floating the furniture creates too much empty space outside the furniture island.

Place Sofas or Chairs on all Four Sides

Floating your furniture makes it feasible to place sofas and chairs on all four sides, creating a complete border for the center table. This gives you more opportunity to mix and match furniture. For example, you could place a pair of matching loveseats facing each other, a papasan on one end, and an ottoman chair on the other.

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