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How to Make a Smaller Bathroom Seem Bigger

We all have that one bathroom in the house that just seems cramped when you go in. If there was a way to make it seem bigger without breaking the bank, would you not do it? Here are some ideas to help you achieve that bigger bathroom feel.

White on White: Take the lightest color in the spectrum and paint it on your walls and ceiling. You can even choose light-colored tiles for the flooring. By making everything white and light, it creates an optical illusion that the room is larger compared to when the walls are painted a darker color.

Tone on Tone (Monochromatic): If white is too sterile, opt for a monochromatic neutral palette. This will still give the effect that the room is larger. Just remember that for every shade darker you go than white, the room will seem a little bit smaller.

Let Light In: Natural light is the cure-all in this situation. It creates a cheery, warm and inviting environment. It really helps to open up the environment and brighten the entire room. 

Mirrors: Pair mirrors with sunlight to help scatter the light and widen the space. Frame them to create a piece of art that doesn’t break the bank but still makes a statement.

Floating Furniture: This sounds like magic, but we promise it isn’t. Floating furniture is affixed to the wall rather than anchored to the floor. By selecting cabinets that float, an illusion is created making the room seem bigger allowing you to see to the wall.

Open Shelves: The same illusion is created here as the floating furniture effect. Without the doors on the front of the shelves, you can see all the way to the wall allowing the depth to be apparent which makes the space seem bigger.

Smaller Furniture: By choosing furniture that is smaller in surface area, you will be able to move around more freely feeling less cramped. Go for a stylish side table to place toiletries on as opposed to a large sink area. Opt for one with tall legs to maximize the space that can be seen.

Pedestal Sinks: A pedestal sink allows for all the room under the sink to be unobstructed. This way you can see all the way to the wall without the bulky cabinetry.

Choose Clear Glass: Go for clear glass to enclose your shower. This way the view becomes unobstructed, and you will be able to see to the back of the shower wall giving you that extra 3 or 4 feet of space.

Choose a Clear Shower Curtain: This is the cheaper option compared to using glass to enclose your shower. It will give you the exact same benefits, but for a fraction of the cost.

Choose Big Tiles: Using large tiles will help to dwarf anything that is hanging on the walls and the furniture it surrounds. Once again, try and stay light with the color to make this illusion all the more intense. Get creative - large tiles come in all types of patterns and styles! 

Install a Recessed Medicine Cabinet: If you do not have a large amount of counter space or cabinetry, opt for a recessed medicine cabinet allowing you to maximize the space behind your walls for storage.

We hope that these ideas will help you as you try to make your small bath appear bigger!

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