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Holiday Storage Solutions

Storing Your Holiday Decorations

You spent hours searching for the perfect decorations, days decorating your home, and weeks basking in the festive lights and decorations during the Christmas season. Yet it seems in the blink of an eye, the holidays are over and it’s time to pack it all up, again. Whether your heart is heavy with the closing of the Christmas season, or it’s full of relief that you survived the holidays, you begrudgingly turn to the task of cramming all your decorations back into storage. This season, try something new -- something your future self will thank you for: pack smart now so that unpacking will be a breeze come this time next year.

Here are some helpful tips for packing up your holiday decorations, and storing them, to alleviate unwanted stresses next year. 


Packing it Up


Tree lightsIt doesn’t seem to matter how meticulously you unwrap the tree lights, it is as if they spend 11 months in storage winding themselves into an unbearable knot. To avoid the hours of untangling frustration, separate each strand before packing them away. By wrapping individual strands, you minimize unruly snags, and are able to store them more efficiently. During the holiday season, collect pieces of cardboard, paper towel tubes, or plastic hangers. These serve as great objects to wrap light strands around, and are easy to store in larger bins.


From kindergarten crafts to hand-blown glass, ornaments are special mementos that should be packed with care. When looking for storage containers, seek boxes with hard plastic exteriors and ample interior space. Partitioned cardboard can be purchased, and allows ornaments proper individual space. Egg cartons also make great storage for small ornaments. For more fragile ornaments, wrap them in bubble wrap or tissue paper before stowing them, and place glittery decorations in sealed bags.

Holiday Paper:

The best thing about wrapping paper is it never goes out style. You may have bought too much after it went on sale, but there are plenty of ways to store it after the holiday season. Long, flat storage containers can accommodate bows, bags and ribbon in addition to wrapping paper. Likewise, they can be stored vertically in narrow space, or horizontally beneath furniture.  


Dishes and Fragile Decorations:

The best way to store dishes and other fragile decorations is to keep the original boxes in which they came. This not only provides the perfect fit for a variety of items, but the exterior packaging clearly identifies the contents.

Now that all your holiday adornments are safely, properly, and meticulously packaged, it’s time to store those bulky bins. 

Storing it Away 

Label everything! Label bins with a list of contents so you can easily identify what’s inside. Be sure to indicate which boxes contain outside decorations, keep all the tree decorations in the same tubs and number boxes for convenience.

If large bins are being stored in areas that are difficult to access, pack them sequentially. For example, put the box full of ornaments behind the tree stand. This eliminates pulling out all the boxes at once to locate specific items, which can clutter rooms, garages, and hallways past the point of maneuverability around your home.

If you plan on storing items in the garage, look for mounted units that hang from the ceiling. These units make great use of vacant ceiling space, hold significant weight, and free up ground space for vehicles or other activities. 

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