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A Guide to Picking the Perfect Bathtub

The Perfect Bathtub

Picking out the perfect bathtub for your dream bathroom remodel takes some considerations such as: size, orientation and style. Also, don’t forget it is your ultimate choice since you will be the one using it.

Bathtubs do a wonderful job creating a relaxing, sensuous atmosphere no matter the kind you choose or have envisioned.

Choosing from what seems like a million types of tubs can quickly become overwhelming. Here are tubs broken down by type to help make your choice a little bit easier! 

Clawfoot and Pedestal Bathtubs

Tub Clawfoot

The clawfoot and pedestal bathtubs give a Victorian feel to any bathroom. These are the beautiful tubs you see in the movies or in the popular British series, Downton Abbey. Place this tub in the middle of a large bathroom to create a glamorous, dramatic effect.

Different types of Clawfoot and Pedestal Bathtubs:

  • Slipper Tub: Have a high to low slope to maximize the bather’s comfort.
  • Double-Ended Tub: Sloped on both ends.
  • Pedestal Tub: Sits on a pedestal and is usually double-ended.

Recessed or Alcove Bathtubs 

Tub RecessedFamiliar to many homeowners, the recessed or alcove tub effectively fits in most homes. To install a recessed or alcove bathtub, place it against a wall on two or three sides or with a shower overhead. The style and decoration of the tub can be seen on the ledge of this tub. 

Drop-in Bathtubs 

Tub Drop in

The drop-in bathtub either drops into a cavity in the floor or is raised on a platform. This type of aesthetically pleasing tub gives your bathroom a spa-like feel. Soaking in this type of tub gives you feeling of bathing like the Ancient Romans (and they took bathing very seriously). The overflow tub, a variation of a drop-in tub, is similar to an infinity pool. It fills to the brim, and the water that overflows goes into a guttering system that recirculates the water. 

Free-Standing Bathtubs 

Tub Free StandingThe free-standing bathtub does not connect to walls for support. Think clawfoot tub without the feet or the pedestal tub without the pedestal. This unique type of tub comes in a variety of unconventional shapes, materials and themes. This tub demands attention because it is a piece of art in itself. Plan for it to be the focal point of your newly remodeled bathroom.

Right now, the free-standing tub is one of the hottest trends for 2015.

Corner Bathtubs

Tub CornerIf your house contains tight spaces, the corner bathtub is for you.  Specifically designed to fit into corners, they come in two shapes: triangular and offset corner. These tubs even come in left-handed and right-handed options! Jets make the corner bathtubs luxurious even in a tight space. They come in an assortment of materials to adapt to the look you are going for. 

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Tub JacuzzyOriginally only found in expensive, high-end hotels, whirlpool and Jacuzzi bathtubs catered only to the wealthiest because of their high prices. Today, the price dropped significantly to make sure these bathtubs fit in everyone’s budget. They offer many health benefits including improved blood circulation and helping ease joint pain.

These tubs range in size from free-standing to corner bathtubs fitting up to several people for a spa-like feel. In a home, the tub can have 11 to 24 whirlpool jets, air jets or a combination of the two. Add mood lighting to these tubs through Kinetic Lights.

Walk-in / Gated Bathtubs

Tub walk-inA walk-in or gated bathtub has high walls and a seat in the tub with a door that opens from one side. The side door allows the bather to walk in and sit upright without lowering themselves into the tub. 



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