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Fall Home Prep

Get a Head Start on the Holidays

You update your wardrobe each season, so why not update your home as well? In fact, with its crisp, cool air and vivid jewel-toned natural colors, fall is the perfect time to add small touches and pick-me-ups to your home. Here is our month-to-month guide. 

Late September

Now that summer has officially ended, we’d like to remind you to take a moment to change your air filters – they’ve pulled double-duty over the hot months to keep out pollen and other contaminants. As the temperature begins to shift toward cooler conditions, now is also a good time to plant your seasonal bulbs; come spring, your garden will be flourishing. September is also a great time to get organized. Store the things you use on a daily basis in decorative containers – think rattan, canvas, acrylic, metal and wood. Remember, when you de-clutter your home, you de-clutter your life. 

Early October

As the nights begin to get a bit chilly, bring luxurious and comforting fabrics into your home. Try faux fur throws, heavy velvet drapes and plush cashmere throw pillows. Not only are these materials great for the look of a room, they’re the perfect way to make your home – and you – feel special. Now is also the ideal time to bring some of those lush jewel tones of the season inside. Consider updating the paint colors on your walls or adding smaller touches, such as richly-hued lampshades or sheets.

Late October

Before you “amp up” for heavy holiday cooking, think about servicing your drains. Nothing ruins the holiday spirit faster than a fiasco in the kitchen. 

Early November

Just because the flowers have disappeared from your garden doesn’t mean that they should disappear from your home. Liven up your living space with fresh arrangements. Find inspiration in the outdoors:  consider adding in vibrant leaves to your bouquets or creating stick arrangements for your coffee table. And don’t forget to look to your pantry for ideas. Colorful gourds make a perfect centerpiece. 

Late November

Fall is the kickoff of the holiday entertaining season, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Now is a great time to take stock of what you do have in your home that could be used to throw a last-minute get-together. And before relatives and friends descend upon your house and tie up any spare free time, enjoy a few family moments while hanging lights and putting up simple decorations. Indulge in hot chocolate while doing so! It’s a good idea to have an electrician check your receptacles and wiring before the holiday lights go up.   

Early December

If you start to feel the Scrooge, take a break for yourself and adjust your atmosphere. If you need to wind down, dim the lights and turn on some soothing tunes. For energy, try tapping your foot to something with a peppy beat. Take a break for yourself – even if it’s just five minutes – and then get back to your (holi)day as the new-and-improved you.

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