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House to Home Ideas

“Floating” furniture is a trending living room style. How do you “float” furniture? By pulling all the main furniture away from the walls to the center of the room. Floating your furniture can really create a dynamic look, especially if combined with some of our other remodeling tips.

As we look to ring in the New Year, it’s predicted that we’ll be seeing certain design trends popping up in homes across the country. Some of these trends will include bold and dramatic colors while others will have a more minimalistic feel. If you’re looking to spruce up your home in 2017, you might like some of these trending designs. 

Find Your Remodeling Style

Are you a little bit country? Or a little bit art deco? When remodeling your home, the right contractor can help you find your way.

Get a Head Start on the Holidays

You update your wardrobe each season, so why not update your home as well? In fact, with its crisp, cool air and vivid jewel-toned natural colors, fall is the perfect time to add small touches and pick-me-ups to your home. Here is our month-to-month guide. 

We all have that one bathroom in the house that just seems cramped when you go in. If there was a way to make it seem bigger without breaking the bank, would you not do it? Here are some ideas to help you achieve that bigger bathroom feel.

It is time to fly your American flag out front and go to the local firework stand to pick up your favorite firecrackers because the Fourth of July is almost here! Before you start to frantically prepare for the festivities, let’s take some time to reflect on this momentous day.

Pre-Summer To-Do List

April showers bring May flowers, along with rain, mud and a few other responsibilities that need to be taken care of as you prepare for summer. Here are some ideas to best prepare for the warmer months of the year to better enjoy your summer!

Picking out the perfect bathtub for your dream bathroom remodel takes some considerations such as: size, orientation and style. Also, don’t forget it is your ultimate choice since you will be the one using it.

Bathtubs do a wonderful job creating a relaxing, sensuous atmosphere no matter the kind you choose or have envisioned. Read More

The Perfect Bathtub

The holidays are a wonderful time when families gather together and enjoy each other's company. However, it can be a source of stress, especially if you're the person hosting a group and preparing the food. Here are some hints for a stress-free holiday. Read More

Kitchen Organization

Signs are popping up everywhere. Summer is over. Holidays are coming, and you really wish your kitchen or bathroom (or both) were ready for company.

You watch those reality television shows that go “Poof!” and instantly, your home is transformed and ready for the holidays. Reality: It’s not that simple. While television shows may tempt you to squeeze in a complete remodel before the new year, think twice before jumping in head first. To get it all done, you will need to factor in design meetings (if you can get a remodeling contractor who is not booked), make room in your busy schedule to tear up the most used rooms in your home (especially the kitchen) and you haven’t even started your holiday shopping (pile that among inevitable holiday chaos). Even worse, if a scheduling complication arises, you may be hosting a holiday meal surrounded by sheets of plastic and exposed electrical wiring. Feeling stressed? Read More

Have you been frustrated with disorganization, tripping over boxes and shoes, losing your favorite accessories? DreamMaker can design your solution for organization. We offer full closet design services, professional installation and product choices to fit every budget. Choose from custom, semi-custom and standard closet styles to suit both your unique taste as well as your pocketbook. Read More

closet tips

You spent hours searching for the perfect decorations, days decorating your home, and weeks basking in the festive lights and decorations during the Christmas season. Yet it seems in the blink of an eye, the holidays are over and it’s time to pack it all up, again. Whether your heart is heavy with the closing of the Christmas season, or it’s full of relief that you survived the holidays, you begrudgingly turn to the task of cramming all your decorations back into storage. This season, try something new -- something your future self will thank you for: pack smart now so that unpacking will be a breeze come this time next year. Read More


Design ColorsWhy wait for spring to spruce up your home? While winter skies are gray and overcast, paint a little color into your house.

Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, the first step is selecting a color. Use one of the tools available online to visualize how your room will look. Glidden offers a Room Visualizer that you can actually take a photo of your room, upload it, select areas to paint and then see what the finished room would look like. You also can use sample photos. Read More

To the dismay of many, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last month and thus administered to all six more weeks of winter.

As we wait in anticipation for the sunshine and springtime, dreaming of barbeques and gardening, another spring custom pesters at the back of our minds: spring cleaning. We dread it, perhaps more than the additional weeks of winter. But why wait for warmer weather to jump into action? As the biting wind blows outside, grab your checklist, cleaning supplies and thinking cap, and let’s get a head start. Read More

Home Remodeling Spring

Four bedrooms, attached garage, home office…. the list goes on. When creating the perfect home, we begin the list of “must haves.” A staple with many homeowners is the ‘open concept’ kitchen. Open layouts seamlessly connect the kitchen with living and dining areas. They create the illusion of a bigger space, and are practical for families and frequent entertainers alike. Read More

Kitchen Remodeling BBQ

As the adage goes, April showers bring May flowers. They also bring mud, and lots of it. The kids, the dog, and even you can’t help tracking in the muck. If only you had a nifty space to shed the muddy boots and keep your newly spring-cleaned home tidy. Luckily for you, mudrooms are making a comeback. These adorable nooks are a Pinterest staple, but they also serve a very practical purpose. Read More

Home Remodeling Mudroom

Spring has sprung! Hopefully you’ve completed all that dreaded, but necessary, spring cleaning. Now, it’s time to have some fun! In addition to being National Barbeque Month (which we should all participate), May is also National Home Improvement Month. The sunshine and pleasant weather create the perfect time of year to work on both those interior and exterior projects you’ve been meaning to cross off your checklist. Read More

National Home Improvement Month

Our DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling specialists can help to create a home that is not only a reflection of you but is also a reflection of your lifestyle. Our design professionals create safe and independent living environments while fulfilling your individual needs – all with top quality products and service you can trust. Read More

Home Tips

Are you a traditionalist, or do you favor contemporary styles? Or are you somewhere in between? If you aren’t sure, check out each style below and see what you like best. Traditional, Transitional or Contemporary are three distinct styles to think about if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath. Read More

Remodeling Style

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