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DreamMaker Remodeling Tips

Closet Solutions: Cleaning and More

With spring just around the corner, spring cleaning will be in full swing. Families all over will be sorting through the old to make room for the new. For many, this begins with the closet. Closets become cluttered with clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories throughout the years and can cause large amounts of stress. Use these helpful tips to organize the clutter without frustration.

What can you do with clutter in a closet?Split into segments – sometimes trying to take on too much at once can cause a headache. Separate your closet by category and go from there. One day, sort your shirts, then the next your shoes, and then your pants.

Group categories – don’t bunch your sweaters with your tank tops. Designate a specific area for a season and clothing type. This will make finding the perfect outfit faster and easier in the future.

Organize belts and scarves with this hanger.

Organize belts and scarves with this hanger.

Invest in a belt rack – even if you don’t use belts, a belt rack is a great tool for organizing scarves, ties, and handbags.

Organize the top – often fallen clothes, old shoes, or miscellaneous items get thrown on the top shelf of the closet only to surprise us much later as they topple down. Organize your top shelves so you can utilize the space without worrying about everything crashing down on you.

Remodel – if you find you are out of space and don’t know how you are going to fit anything, consider closet remodeling! DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has remodeled closets and help make lives less stressful. Check out our closet remodel gallery and contact your nearest DreamMaker franchise!

You shouldn’t have to dread picking out an outfit because your closet is too cluttered. Spring cleaning is a great time to get a fresh start! Organize, remodel, or simply clean your closet to help make your life easier!


There's a New Shade in Town

Do home remodeling with color.

Think color when doing home remodeling, and try Pantone’s color of the Year Radiant Orchid.

Radiant Orchid takes the stage as Pantone’s Color of the Year. At first glance, it causes wheels to turn. You wonder, “Where can I use this in my home?” The answer? Anywhere.

Use the blooming purple color with its hint of pink to spice up a contemporary kitchen or add flavor to a spring palette full of grays and yellows. You’ll find it’s bold enough to pop, yet warm enough to be inviting.

If you’re not quite ready to whip out a paintbrush, start with accessories. Offset tamer colors in your kitchen, entertaining areas, bedroom, etc. with Radiant Orchid to add depth. Find throw pillows, dinnerware, vases or flowers to integrate into your current décor. Now, you’ve demonstrated your will to start off the New Year with a trendy touch without getting trapped into the binds of a committed relationship.

Let’s say you’re a bit of a dare devil. And, thrill consumes you at the thought of adding a bold, fresh color to your master plan. You’ve met your match.

Add Radiant Orchid to an accent wall when remodeling your kitchen.

Be adventurous and choose a wall to paint Radiant Orchid.

Grab a pot of Radiant Orchid, and splash it onto an accent wall. In doing so, you’ve revamped your room with blooming color.

Whether you’re dangling your feet in the water or diving in, there are ways to incorporate Radiant Orchid into every home. Hints of fuchsia, violet and pink bring an energetic and playful vibe to the table – an accomplishment unparalleled by any other color.

Remodel Your Way to a New Year

Rich wood tones with stainless steel appliances add to this kitchen remodel.

Rich wood tones with stainless steel appliances add to this kitchen remodel.

While you are putting away holiday decorations and taking down the tree, spend a few extra minutes looking around your house.

Spring cleaning is still a few months away, but it doesn’t hurt to look beyond the clutter and dream about the changes you want in your home this year.

In the kitchen, what would make life easier for the entire family? Pullout cabinets? Bigger pantry? Breakfast nook? An island? New cabinets? Jot down your ideas. A good place to visualize these ideas is houzz.com where you can start a notebook with all your favorites. Also, go to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s gallery and look through other DreamMaker kitchens for ideas.

Now, on to the bathroom. Does your bathroom wow you or underwhelm you? New towels and rugs may be all you need to spruce things up a bit. If your bathroom is dated, though, you may want to consider a total remodel. If this is the case, think about the next 5-10 years. Will you or a member of your family need assistance? If so, consider making your bathroom easily accessible. Wider door frames will accommodate wheelchairs or other walking devices and open up the room for all members. A higher toilet also may be needed. Consider adding grab bars that now come disguised as toilet paper holders and towel bars.

A new trend of stand-alone bathtubs is sure to update your bathroom. Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, including walk-in tubs for those who might have difficulty getting in and out. You might also consider a low or zero-barrier shower instead or in addition to the tub. Check out DreamMaker’sbathroom gallery to give you some ideas.

A new sink and vanity will help bring your bathroom into 2014. Pick out your favorites, and do not forget the floor. A new rug may be all you need, or you may decide you want your bathroom tiled. The ideas are endless.

Investing in updating bathrooms and kitchens will add value to your home while making your 2014 home a beautiful place.

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