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Update the Lighting in Your Home

Update the Lighting in Your Home

Are you looking for a way to improve your kitchen and bathroom lighting?

There are a number of great ways to improve the lighting in your home. Start your bathroom or kitchen update by considering where you need light most. Consider which areas of your kitchen and bathroom are darkest and then decide what kind of light would work best to brighten them. A remodeling professional can help you with the specifics, but to start thinking about what you might want in your home, here are four great ways to easily brighten up the kitchen and bathroom spaces in your house.

kitchen and bath lighting

Recess Lighting

Many homeowners love recess lighting because it easily rids a space of unwanted shadows. And this type of lighting isn’t limited to kitchens and bathrooms; it’s perfect for any room in your home.


If you’re a fan of natural light, consider adding a skylight during your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. Skylights are a great way to enhance kitchen and bathroom lighting naturally, without a lot of electrical work. They can have a dramatic impact on any space.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Ensuring that you have good lighting is important. If you do a lot of cooking, it’s probably worth adding under-cabinet lighting. These lights will illuminate your counters, making food preparation much easier.

Over-Cabinet Lighting

Functional lighting isn’t the only thing you should consider for your home renovation project. Over-cabinet lights can add ambiance and are perfect for illuminating collectables. These lights can be subtle enough not to disturb the entire household at night as well.

Ready to Update the Lighting in Your Home?

If you think your home could benefit from improved lighting, contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today. Our remodeling professionals offer a variety of home renovation services and are well-trained to assist you in selecting the perfect lighting options for your spaces. Schedule a free consultation today!

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