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The Floors Less Traveled

The Floors Less Traveled

You have heard of alternative energy sources, but have you heard of alternative flooring ideas? Choosing alternative flooring is a great way to customize your home in a way that is not necessarily mainstream. Maybe you have just bought a house and are wanting to make it your own or just wanting to update your current abode. Here are some fun ways to add a fresh sense of personality.


Contrary to fact, concrete flooring actually comes in many forms to suit a plethora of tastes and personalities. It does not have to remain cold and minimalist. It is up to you on how you want it to look. Think of the concrete as a canvas.

If you have pets, children or maybe grandchildren, it can handle the wear and tear of any household because it can handle the wear and tear of an auto factory or warehouse. To personalize your flooring, you can paint it, give it a coat of resin, acid stain it or even make it look like marble! OH! We can’t forget to mention that you can also install it in a way to make it heated!


This material comes in a plethora of shades, styles and textures. We are sure you will be able to find one that will fit your room. In fact, tiles of rubber come in stone hues as well! Rubber is a smart solution because it is easily cleaned and is extremely durable while being easy on the joints, which helps reduce fatigue from standing.

If you use a textured style, it reduces the possibility of slipping if anything is spilled on the floor. Places to use this in your home are an entry, mudroom, laundry room or even the kitchen. We would recommend you do not go for the least expensive rubber only because the cheapest is not made with the quality for your home.


You have felt how soft bamboo clothing and sheets are, but meet its stronger relative, bamboo flooring. Using bamboo creates a Zen-like feel to a home, but it is typically more moisture-resistant and hard-wearing than wood.

Bamboo is a great option to consider if you are into sustainability because it is sustainably grown. The flooring itself comes in a variety of styles. They come in high-contrast grains and can be stained according to your style. In fact, you can even recreate the look of zebrawood for the fraction of the cost and without cutting down the rare tree.


Oh how the cycle of interior design is coming full circle. It is amazing how many people are trying to get rid of this beautifully patterned flooring while others are installing it at the same time. This type of flooring creates a high-fashion look with a much lower price tag while adding lots of character. To create a more modern look, install an oversized pattern. You probably won’t believe it, but the warm honey or orange-tinted stained wood is back, especially if it is paired with rich earthen tones like chocolate, ruddy tan, espresso or whites.


This is an option that is seldom used, but when seeing how it looks is really cool and chic, not to mention that it is fully sustainable! Cork is very springy so, comfort is key here and it makes it dent and ding resistant.

You will have to give it a finish to make it water-resistant. It brings a lot of character into the rooms it is placed in because of its unique visual texture. Cork is a wonderful choice in sleek modern spaces or contemporary ones. It gives off a friendly vibe. It would not hurt if you actually installed it throughout the entire space for continuity. 


Painted flooring is not reserved for your weekend cottage or beach house. In fact, you should try it in your own home! By painting a floor, even over your hardwoods, it can create a ton of different moods depending on the color that you choose. The options are endless.

Add a little pop with a patterned painted floor. It is amazing what a little bit of painter’s tape and some patience can do. For a contemporary look, pair neutrals colors with furniture that can range from antiques to trendy pieces. If you want to incorporate the cottage/beach house feel, go for a semi-neutral like a pale blue that will work with other neutrals without clashing.

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