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DreamMaker Remodeling Tips

Choosing the Right Bathroom Floors for Your Home

If you’re planning a bathroom remodeling project, one of the most important features to consider is flooring. Bathroom flooring is available in a large variety of materials, and each comes with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. While a professional home remodeling contractor will be able to discuss each option with you in great detail, having a basic familiarity with the types of available materials is important. To ensure you’re satisfied with your space, consider these popular bathroom flooring options when planning your project!

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

While ceramic and porcelain tile are technically two separate options, these materials are quite similar in quality and price. The biggest advantage of choosing ceramic or porcelain tile for your bathroom floors is the large variety of designs available.

Natural Stone

Marble, granite, limestone and other stone flooring options are the luxurious choice and come with a heftier price tag than other flooring options. An advantage to stone flooring is its durability when it comes to moisture. This flooring option has less moisture problems and is very attractive. However, it can be cold and slippery. Though stone floors are far more expensive than other options, they return excellent resale value. 


Laminate is more frequently used as a flooring material during kitchen updates, but it’s quite functional as bathroom flooring material as well. It’s somewhat susceptible to water damage, but installation, maintenance, and cleaning are simple.


Your contractor will likely mention vinyl bathroom flooring as well. Vinyl comes in both sheets and individual tiles. This material is cost effective, durable, and easy to install. With few disadvantages, it’s a very good choice for bathroom remodeling projects.

Need Professional Assistance Choosing the Right Bathroom Flooring Material?

With so many bathroom flooring options to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to identify which is best for your home and lifestyle. If you’re having trouble, it’s time to speak with a professional. Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to get an expert opinion. Our remodeling professionals are highly-trained and experienced in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We also offer a large variety of renovation and general contracting services. Are you ready to schedule an appointment? Contact Us Today! 

Kitchens Designed with the Outdoors in Mind

Just when you thought the open concept couldn’t be any more open, the kitchen has embraced yet another aspect of the home: the backyard. No longer confined to the four walls of the home, “inside-outside” kitchens have created a new opportunity to change the open illusion to an open reality.

Whether your home opens to a field, farm, forest, or fenced-in yard, indoor-outdoor kitchens are functional anywhere. With the use of windows, doors and patios, the kitchen has been redesigned with nature in mind.

Windows and doors are powerful metaphors about access to new opportunities. The opportunity to experience the exterior beauty of your home is even more impressive. Filling walls with glass windows and doors provide a panoramic view of the outdoors, city and country alike. These windows and doors come in many shapes and sizes. Large bay windows optically and physically expand living spaces to the surround yard. When opened, they welcome the beautiful weather and when closed, they provide a picturesque experience to the falling rain or snow. For more interactive kitchens, wall-length accordion glass doors allow customizable exposure to the yard. Doors can be opened, partially or completely, to let sun rays in and let family members come and go as they please.

When weather conditions are good, but not great, patios are more equipped to accommodate guests. With coverings, outdoor heat lamps, ceiling fans and water misters, outdoor kitchens are proving more useful in months other than May. In some homes, kitchen counters extend from the interior to the exterior without a change in style or countertop. These extended countertops project onto the patio and provide seating and serving space for gatherings and camaraderie.

The open plan layout is accessible, hospitable and practical for many. As homeowners look to remodel older homes into more communal living spaces, keep in mind the additional access that an inside-outside kitchen can provide. Find a DreamMaker location near you.

2018 Kitchen Trends

The New Year brings new beginnings. A great place to bring new life is into your home, since that’s where you spend the bulk of your day. The kitchen, often the hub of the home, is a nice starting point for renovations. What's trending in kitchen renovations for 2018?

See four of our favorite 2018 kitchen trends below.

Two-Tone Cabinet Doors

A single color for the cabinets is always acceptable. Using two different colors is a bit more daring, especially if you use a bold hue. A tone-on-tone color scheme, though, is a nice middle-of-the-road option. One example: the typical eggshell white for the bottom cabinets and a weathered white oak for the uppers.

Appliance Garages

Appliance garages enclose a portion of the counter with an overhead door. This provides storage space for concealing small appliances like the toaster and coffeemaker. This creates a minimalist design, which is a trend for 2018. 

Colorful Appliances

If you prefer to keep the appliances front and center, then we recommend bold-colored appliances. Show off that red-chromed toaster or green deluxe juicer. Likewise, feel free to display your rose-gold cookware or bamboo cutting board by hanging them overhead.

Personalized Tiles

You can always go with generic ceramic white tiles. However, for a customized look, you can create your own personalized tiles with differing colors and patterned or floral designs. More homeowners are preferring this over wallpaper, since the paper is prone to peeling and discoloration.

Start 2018 With a Makeover

Don’t let 2018 be just another year of same ol’ same ol’. Commit to changes by contacting DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today! Find a DreamMaker location near you.

Make Your House Guests Feel Welcomed This Holiday Season

If you are hosting friends and family for Christmas or New Years, make plans to pamper your loved ones and welcome them with a cozy and welcoming abode. Read below for our tips on being the perfect host for your overnight guests.

1. Create a Cozy Place to Sleep

After long travels, nothing is better than having a cozy space to rest and relax. For the guest bed, consider adding extra fluffy pillows and freshly washed linens. Even if you have clean sheets on the bed, if they’ve been unused for several months they may start to get stale; swap them out for freshly washed sheets for the cleanest scent. If it’s chilly out, be sure to provide additional blankets and comforters so your guests won’t freeze at night. 

2. Provide the Necessities 

Packing for a trip can sometimes be a stressful undertaking and things often get left behind. Provide all of the basic necessities like toothpaste, shampoo and body wash just in case your guests left home without them. Give the guest bathroom that luxury hotel feeling by arranging these items in a nice basket by the shower or sink.

3. De-clutter and Create Space

Clean out a drawer or a closet that includes hangers so that your guests can unpack instead of living out of their suitcases. And include a luggage rack in the room to make unpacking easier.

4. Welcome Them Into Their Room

Go the extra mile to show your guests you are thrilled to have them in your home. Welcome them with something fragrant like fresh flowers or a scented candle. Place a few magazines around the room or include one of your favorite shorter books for them to read during their downtime. 

5. Start the Day Off Right

Instead of waking your guests to the sounds of clanging pots and pans, sneak out early in the morning to get fresh pastries, coffee and fruit. Go to your favorite, local spot and share what you enjoy best with your loved ones. 

6. Make the Room Functional 

More than likely your guests will need to use their electronics. Whether they have laptops, iPhones, etc., help make things simple on them by making the guest room as functional and technologically-friendly as possible. Set up a charging station on the nightstand and make sure outlets are visible and easy to access. And be sure to provide your guests with your Wi-Fi password; you might even print it out for them since passwords tend to be long and easy to forget. 

7. Provide Refreshments

Guests can be shy about asking for snacks in between meals. Eliminate their discomfort and satisfy their snack cravings with a basket of nuts, cookies or granola bars and place it in their room each day. And be sure to provide either water bottles or a water carafe for when they get thirsty.

Is Your Kitchen A Transitional Style Kitchen?

A transitional style kitchen can be somewhat hard to define. Even contractors in the industry use the term loosely.  When speaking in remodeling design terms, “Transitional” usually describes a contemporary kitchen that incorporates some traditional design elements, or vice versa. Perhaps you’re wondering if you would prefer a transitional style for your next kitchen remodel. To help better define this style, we’ll list some ideas that blend a modern backdrop with classical focal pieces.

Incorporate Out-of-the-Box Designs

Experiment with design schemes that one would not expect in a kitchen. For example, instead of wood or tile for the backsplash, how about chalkboard panels? This is an atypical design that is also functional; family members can scribble notes for one another. You can do the same for the refrigerator by covering the door panels with a huge chalkboard.

Use Décor from Other Eras

If contemporary is the default design, then mix up the scenery by adding some classical elements. Some ideas include corbels, ornate cabinet pulls, or distressed cabinet doors. These are styles you would expect in a classical cottage or rustic kitchen.

Streamline the Tiles

How you arrange the tiles is just as important as the type of tiles you use. Tumbled stone tiles, for instance, are a mainstay in classical kitchen designs. However, you can create a contemporary ambiance by setting the tiles in a grid formation rather than in the more traditional basket-weave pattern.

Make the Sink a Focal Piece

Consider a farmhouse sink. This is a popular design element in cottage-style homes. However, you can give the sink a contemporary appearance by opting for a stainless-steel basin instead of the more traditional white ceramic finish.

The transitional style is about breaking socially accepted design rules. Look at our gallery for images of transitional kitchens. View Gallery

Designs for a Compact Kitchen Dinette

In most homes, the dining area blends into the kitchen. Other homes lack a distinct dining area altogether due to space limitations. Even if this is the case, you can still add a dinette. This is essentially just a mini version of a dining space. We’ll provide some designing pointers for adding a compact kitchen dinette.

Add a Banquette

A banquette is a type of bench tucked into a wall. They are common in hotel lobbies and restaurant waiting areas. If you can spare a small corner in the kitchen, then we recommend an L-shaped banquette and a round wooden table of a vintage variety (think Pottery Barn). This provides a cozy and intimate dining space for two.

Add a Booth

If you have an alcove, you can insert two booth-style seats and wedge a small table in between. You can really make this alcove into an accent space by adding an overhead pendant light with a decorative sconce. You can also outfit the bottom portion of the seating with a mini cabinet system.

Add See-Through Chairs

Consider a dinette with a set of see-through glass chairs and table, preferably with polished chrome for the legs. The glass and reflective chrome exudes a contemporary and upscale look while also making the small space appear larger.

Replace an Island with a Dinette

A small kitchen likely won’t have enough space for a conventional island. You just might have enough space, though, for a smaller dinette. A coffee table and two chairs will suffice.

Allow Our Remodeling Professionals to Design a Beautiful Kitchen Dinette for You

Our Process is simple: our remodeling professionals create a beautiful kitchen dinette based on your input, though we’ll make recommendations based on our expertise. Our specialists have renovated countless residential kitchens with a dinette and know the best remodeling strategies. Contact Us Today! 

Popular Colors to Compliment Your Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

One of the easiest ways to make a huge impact on your remodeling project is to choose a new color scheme and incorporate it into your design. This doesn’t apply only to painting walls, of course. You can use your color selections throughout your entire renovation, including flooring, tile, cabinets and appliances. Here are several timeless color schemes that are perfect for your next bathroom or kitchen update. 

Black / White

Many homeowners find black and white particularly appealing for bathroom and kitchen remodels. This combination creates a sophisticated, classic, and sleek atmosphere in your space.


White / Red

Choosing red and white can have a similar impact on your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the shade of red you select, your space can either scream sophistication or simmer with warmth.


Brown / Grey

Like the idea of a warm bathroom or kitchen? Talk to your home remodeling professional about incorporating brown and grey into your design plans. This pair is cozy and neutral, without being too bland.


Blue / Black

Blue and black are becoming a common choice for homeowners planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel. These colors generate a cool and refreshing, yet incredibly sleek, atmosphere.


Would you like professional assistance and guidance as you plan and execute your bathroom or kitchen remodel? Contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today to speak with a remodeling professional about your upcoming project. We offer a wide variety of remodeling services. Contact us today!

Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Planning a home remodeling project for your bathroom or kitchen? One of the most important elements of any kitchen or bathroom is the cabinets. It might be tempting to settle for cheaper stock cabinets. But you should know and understand some of the benefits of custom cabinets before you make your final decision. Sometimes it’s worth the extra expense up front to obtain what’s best and most long-lasting for you and your home. In this article, we help you consider some of the biggest differences between stock cabinets and custom cabinets. Make sure you speak with a remodeling professional for more information about the options available to you.

If you’re going through all the effort of planning and executing a kitchen or bathroom update, you want to make sure it lasts. Quality is important and custom cabinets definitely have stock cabinets beat. This is because stock cabinets are constructed on warehouse assembly lines, while custom cabinets are handmade.

A byproduct of being made on an assembly line is uniformity. Stock cabinets come in a limited number of varieties; your remodeler will be forced to pick the one that works best and then cut it down to the right size. This can result in unsightly gaps between segments. Custom cabinets are made to fit your space perfectly.

Custom anything is impressive to potential buyers. You might have no intention of selling your home immediately after you conclude your bathroom or kitchen update. Nevertheless, there’s always a chance you will want to do so in the future. Custom cabinets add significantly more value to your home than stock cabinets do.

Talk to a Remodeling Professional About Adding Custom Cabinets to Your Renovation Plans Today

Think custom cabinets are the better option for you and your home? Call DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today to begin your renovation plans. Still not sure if custom cabinets are right for you? We’ll be happy to answer any and all of your kitchen and bathroom cabinet questions. With our wide selection of services, we’re sure to offer what you need. From basic renovations to whole-home remodels, we have you covered! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Find the Perfect Kitchen Tile for Your Home

Are you planning a kitchen upgrade? There’s a lot to think about with any home remodeling project. But your kitchen deserves special consideration because it’s one of the most commonly used spaces in your home. When it comes to redesigning this particular space, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make concerns the kitchen tile. There are many different styles, designs, colors, and materials to choose from. So it may seem almost impossible to narrow your selections down. Here are a few great tips to help you find the perfect tile for your kitchen renovation. 

Think Small at First

The best way to start is by thinking small. Because there are so many different tile variations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when considering them all. Identify a single aspect that you really like—whether it be a color, shape, or material. Then you can instantly narrow your options down.

Stick with Three Different Variations

Once you’ve selected the one tile element you can’t live without, the rest should fall into place more easily. Remember, though, that when it comes to design four is typically a crowd. While the future selections should come easier, don’t let yourself go too crazy. It’s typically best to stick with about three different tiles for your design.

Remember Maintenance

Not all tiles are made from the same materials and some may require special care and cleaning once installed. Keep this in mind when making your final selections. If you pick too many types that require different kinds of upkeep, you’ll run into problems. A remodeling professional can help explain maintenance requirements prior to installation.

Are you ready to find the perfect kitchen tile for your home? Let DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen help you find and install the tile in your kitchen. Contact us today to get started! 

Create a Bathroom Oasis with the Perfect Tile

Are you planning to redo the bathroom in your home? Have you thought about what kind of tile you plan to install during your bathroom remodeling project? With so many different tile options, it can be challenging to know which one will be best for you and your home. To help make the decision easier, here’s some basic information about tile types before proceeding with your home remodeling project.

Laminate Tile

Laminate tile is a great option for homeowners looking for an easy material to install, limited maintenance needs, and simple cleaning. Keep in mind, however, that laminate can be damaged if exposed to water for extended periods of time. This type of tiling can also be used for floors, making it great for your bathroom remodeling project.

Vinyl Tile

Another popular tile option for bathroom remodeling projects is vinyl. Not only is vinyl durable and easy to install, it also costs less than many of the other tiling materials. Vinyl is also commonly used for kitchen remodeling.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are often more expensive than laminate and vinyl, but for many homeowners the cost is well worth it. These two materials offer great possibilities for creating unique tile designs. Regardless of your style preferences, you’re sure to find something you love for your bathroom remodeling project!

Would you like professional assistance with your bathroom remodeling project? Speak with a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling professional today!

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