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Do You Want Bathroom Remodeling Ideas? Turn to DreamMaker® Bath & Kitchen of Winston-Salem, NC

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425 West End Blvd.
Winston Salem, NC 27101

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Winston Salem NCIf you are interested in hearing excellent bathroom remodeling ideas for your home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, there is no better company to call than DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. DreamMaker designers are known for their creativity and expertise, and they will work closely with you to plan the perfect upgrades for your home. While other remodeling firms may steer you toward a generic remodel that looks similar to what you could see in many other homes, DreamMaker will recommend bathroom remodeling ideas that suit your lifestyle and personality.

DreamMaker can recommend creative ways to accomplish any of these goals you have for the space:

  • Changing the layout of your bathroom – Moving the location of walls can create a space that is the size and shape you want.
  • Improving your lighting – Whether you want indirect light like a backlit mirror would provide or focused light for grooming, DreamMaker of Winston-Salem, NC, can recommend the perfect solution.
  • Adding storage space – You have many options for vanities, cabinets and shelves that you can use for storing toiletries, towels and other items.
  • Promoting safe bathing – DreamMaker can install a barrier-free shower or walk-in tub that will let you access the bath more easily, so you can safely “age in place” in your own home.

For your remodel, DreamMaker can install virtually any products you want to incorporate into the space. DreamMaker is a full-service remodeling company that will handle the project from beginning to end, ensuring even the smallest tasks are completed with precision.

Wonderful bathroom remodeling ideas await you at the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen design center in Winston-Salem, NC. Schedule your free design consultation by contacting DreamMaker today.

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