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August 2014

Remodeling or Redecorating: Know the Difference

We shudder at the thought of wood-paneled walls, linoleum floors and avocado-hued kitchens. We scoff at the orange shag carpeting and head-spinning, patterned wallpaper. But most of all, we hope we don’t make the same mistakes. Today, many people are remodeling their homes in order put the styles of the ‘70s to rest for good. But how do we learn from the past to prevent future generations from asking, “What were they thinking?” It all boils down to discerning the difference between remodeling and redecorating. Relative to one another, redecorating is easy.

DreamMaker customer says ‘I was thrilled to death!’

Shirley Gass’ kitchen in Lamesa, TX, was transformed by Steve Betts’ DreamMaker franchise

Here are the Before and After photos of Shirley Gass' kitchen

The photo (top) is before Shirley Gass asked DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to remodel. The photo below is of the remodeled kitchen.

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