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Remodeling Client Testimonials

These testimonials are gathered from surveys obtained by GuildQuality, an independent third-party company.
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“The process was well documented and in the end, we ended up with exactly what we wanted.” -- Harold & Julie P.

"There is no reason to get a quote from anybody else, DreamMaker will exceed your needs and stay in your budget. We are so happy we went with them." --Dennis and Jill R. 

"I was thrilled with the integrity of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. They kept their word when it came to renovation timetables, attentive communication, and protection of my pet. If I had a question or problem, they addressed it graciously. They did not fail to do anything they had said they would. Every subcontractor treated me with respect and asked for my input." --John & Sandy D. 

"I would like to recognize Steve and Dave at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for their exceptional service. They were very attentive. They did a good job." --Jackie P. 

"I would like to recognize Michael because he came up with a fantastic layout for us. It is hard to believe that it is the same kitchen. Dave was here everyday, worked really hard, and did a fantastic job with everything." --Tom & Kathy H.

"I was very impressed with how meticulous and thoughtful they were in their work on my project. DreamMaker did a great job, and I am very pleased with their work. If I need any more work done in the future, I will not hesitate to call them!" --John F.

"I would like to recognize Mike, Mark, Tammy, and Jaime for all of their exceptional services on my project. Jaime was great at helping us select everything. The carpentry by Mark is fantastic! They have done a wonderful job on both of our bathrooms! My friends always admire how beautiful my bathrooms look!" --Ron & Helen P.

"I would like to recognize the guy who did the construction, Dave at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for his exceptional service." --Tony & Karen H.

"He [Lane] did everything he could to get everything right and went above and beyond what was expected of him. If he wasn't satisfied with something, he brought it to my attention. I was very pleased with that." --Judy & Steve W.

"They were very straightforward with cost and schedules." --Joe S. 

"Our experience with DreamMakerBath & Kitchen was very positive …. They listened, were attentive to all that we said, took exceptional notes as nothing was ever not acted upon or forgotten. If there was an issue with our choices or the installation … the team went out of its way to exhaust every possible solution so we could make decisions. We are positive the quality of the products we selected and the workmanship of this project would be ranked #1! We are so pleased with the end result." --Jim & Fran K.

"I could go on and on about DreamMakerBath & Kitchen and their professionalism and their craftsmanship and the workmen in my home that were well groomed and friendly and accommodating. I could write a book about how pleasant it was and how well everything turned out." --John & Diana M.

"They cleaned up every day and were very professional. I trusted them enough to leave them alone at times. Everyone did a really good job." --Ken E. 

"They were very easy to work with. They asked a lot of questions and had insights that I did not even consider which helped to change my mind about how to do things." --John N. /Dan M.

"Brad was pretty remarkable. He was a skilled carpenter and excellent communicator." --Luke & Janet W.

"Everyone was very friendly and did what I asked." --Barbara L.

"We felt that all workers who came to our house were all very polite, informative, and professional. All personnel were top-notch workers including the office staff, owner and co-owner. There was nothing to complain about -- only to want another bathroom upgraded by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen!" --Mar & Allen P.

"Kari is a great designer to work with. She attends to the preferences of the customer yet uses her excellent skills to assure that all the elements of the project work together. Brad is an excellent project manager who never forgets a detail. He and Mark are skilled carpenters who pay lots of attention to detail. Kathy in the office was always friendly and professional making sure we were able to reach our contacts." --Kathy S. & Jim W.

"Steve has been very helpful in every way, gets back to me promptly on any question or need that we might have. All of his staff have been very helpful." --Judy S.

"Our project was executed in the most professional, timely, and painless fashion to us. If we had known it was going to be this easy and swift, we would have just remodeled our old house with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen instead of buying new. We are very happy with the entire experience." --Greg & Denise M,. 

"We were very happy with the whole procedure. Joe was excellent and knew exactly how to present everything. They did the measurements perfectly, and everything fit well. Ron, my installer, was very neat and precise. We could not be happier with the end results of our project." "DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen did everything in a very organized matter. The work was done very meticulously, and I was very pleased with the whole project." --Dale Van N.

"I've heard horror stories about remodeling projects but my experience was absolutely pain free. I have no complaints and have received many compliments on my new bathroom." --Marti S.

"DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen represented themselves and their products in a professional and cost-effective manner from beginning to end. I highly recommend this company!" --Kent State University

"Great to work with … understood how much we wanted to spend and offered suggestions to keep us within our budget and still get a great result! Would highly recommend!" --Sharon S. & Michael E.

"I would like to recognize everyone there. They were very nice, courteous, and clean." --Pat M.

"I think each and every subcontractor that came into our home did an excellent job. We have been very pleased with the quality of our beautiful new kitchen." --Meg & Tim B.

"Ryan was outstanding!!" --Ilyse D.

"Mark and Deb are so easy to work with. I was delighted to find that it was such a hassle-free project. They made it so easy, the whole process. I felt very confident that the project was going to go smoothly right from the beginning." --Judy & Phil R.

"I've never seen such good teamwork. Each person knew what they had to do, and they did it well." --Robert & Mildred M.

"Ryan and Lee were great. We appreciated all the effort they put in to making our first experience with renovation a success!" --Alicia C.

"Angelo is a very conscientious worker. He aims for accuracy and precision in installing our frameless glass shower stall. I am also very impressed with Fred. He is a man of integrity and commits to customer satisfaction all the way. He made sure our expectations were met. I would most definitely engage DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen in my future service needs and recommend them for the quality of work they do." --Andy & Rio D.

"Russell was very helpful, organized and efficient." --Shaw & Carmen J.

"Bob was extremely helpful with decision-making and helping me out of a very bad decision about paint color." --Marcy B.

"Adam and Troy were the installers; they were great. Kurt was very helpful. He really did a great job. I had issues choosing colors, and he directed us in a good direction. We were very pleased." --Ron & Joan S.

"They surpassed all of my expectations. It was an unbelievable experience. They made it as easy as possible." --Jan M.

They did a great job. Fred was helpful with helping us choose materials. He did a nice job." --Jack & Wendy A.

"Mark and Mary Jo treated us like family and guided us throughout our project. Pete was a craftsman and made sure everything was done to perfection. Matt's tile work was awesome. I can't say enough about how beautiful our kitchen turned out. I love, love, love it." --Steve & Terry J.

"Really enjoy working with Mark and Matt. Both were very professional and did their best to satisfy all our requests. It was a pleasure working with them, and I would not hesitate to recommend DreamMaker Bath & Kitchento anyone." --Joanne G.

"I would recognize everybody at DreamMakerBath & Kitchen. Steve, Heidi, Brian, and all of the guys who put in the materials all worked fantastically." --Kris R.

"Overall it was a great experience, and it's really added a lot of value and comfort to my home." --Beth G.

"Thanks DreamMakerBath & Kitchen for making our dreamcometrue" --Bill M.

"I think everybody that worked there provided exceptional service: Tyler, Travis, Larry, Scott and Brian." --Bob S. & Penny B.

"I was very happy with them and very pleased with the process from beginning to end." --Sharon L.

"My work with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchenwas exceptionally efficient. The work they did was top-notch. Their communication was never a problem. I can hardly say enough about how good the project turned out. If anyone asks, I will absolutely recommend DreamMaker." --Randy K.

"We would recommend them to everyone. It was well organized and things went along very nicely." --Pat M.

"It was a wonderful experience." --Bob & Mary M.

"We're ecstatic with the finish. We are very pleased with what we received. This was an easy job for us even though it was a large project." --Stan & Kathryn O.

"I was most satisfied with the communication, the cleanliness and the honesty." --Jerry & Rhonda N.

"Curt always returned my calls and found the answers to questions or concerns I had. Troy's craftsmanship is excellent." --Fred & Laurie S.

"I would like to recognize everyone at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for their exceptional service. They were all great.""They did a fantastic job. The selection of the materials was done in four hours because of their wonderful showroom and everyone we dealt with was just professional and efficient." --Sue L.

"This was our second project with Steve - and we will soon be looking at a third project. From the beginning to end of the project, every aspect was carried out with professionalism, attention to detail, and deep concern for customer satisfaction. We are delighted with the final outcome!" --Steve & Marie C.

"I am completely satisfied with the work done by DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen™." --Charlotte B.

"I found the experience to be very painless. They were very cooperative and timely and they met with me as needed for small changes to be made to the site. My experience with them was far better than when I had another provider do my kitchen. I was very pleased overall with how they did my two bathrooms." --Stephen M.

"We had them do work for us before, so we expected good work, and they did it." --John & Barbara G.

I am pleased with all the work that they have ever done with us. Their employees are very professional. They are delightful people to work with. They are very pleasant, and they always do their work. --Stephen & Sharon S.

"Our contractor provided exceptional service, I believe his name was Brian." --Kirk & Penny W.

"Overall I think they did a great job and I was very pleased with the final product. I love it." --Debbie M.

"I highly recommend DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen and promise you will be satisfied with their work." --Cole & Sharon G.

"James, the project manager, rocks. Eric was always very professional and exceptional. I can't say enough good things about him as well." --Cullen & Michelle T.

"Steve Miller is the consummate contractor. It was a pleasure working with him." --Keith & Marty B.

"Mel and Tommy were both very good at keeping things going. I was just pleased with the way things kept coming right along. When they said they were going to be here, they were here." --Beverly H.

"I just think all of the guys that work for them and come in your home like Eric and Rusty are all just really good workers and really good people. I don't mind them being in my home even if I have to leave because I know they look after everything, and I really appreciate that aspect." --Holly C.

"Sharon and Steve did an exceptional job working with us in getting everything ready, and David also did an excellent job on installation. All three really kept us informed in each phase of the job and during the time it took to become affiliated with the VA, which is a very time-consuming job. Thanks to them all." --Ron & Janie P.

"We were satisfied in all areas of our remodel." --Timothy & Valerie B.

"Excellent quality & service! Very happy we chose them for our remodeling project. Highly recommend them." --Scott & Jamie J.

"Thank you for our beautiful kitchen and a job very well done. The craftsmanship is meticulous, and the design gives us more useful space than we could have asked for. Cooking in our kitchen is now a very pleasant experience." --Richard & Gayla S.

"We highly recommend Steve, his staff, and crew. The renovation is some of the best professional work we have had done." --Doyle & Linda H.

"James was a terrific project manager and was exceptional in his attention to very small detail and

outstanding service." --Bunny & David M.

"I would like to recognize Nancy and Joe. They always called us." --Steve & Shae M.

"Glen from DreamMaker was always professional and was able to address any of my questions or problems to my satisfaction. The bathroom looks great! Very pleased with the work done." --Kay S.

"I worked closely with Nancy and Joe, and they were wonderful." --Karen G.

"Jim and Kevin provided exceptional service." --Jason & Carolee R.

"DreamMaker did an excellent job. The workers were on time, neat, and they provided qualitymaterials and created a wonderful kitchen for us." --Sally J.

"My experience with DreamMaker was like no other experience I've had with previous contractors. They were first class in every way. They all listened to my ideas and had the knowledge to add their own, which made me feel like we were all working together as a team." --Joy D.

"They didn't disappoint in their professionalism and their quality of the product and of the work. I was blown away by what the finished product looked like compared to what was there before." --Jack and Janice B.

"I was thrilled with the integrity of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. They kept their word when it came to renovation timetables, attentive communication, and protection of my pet. If I had a question or problem, they addressed it graciously. They did not fail to do anything they had said they would. Every subcontractor treated me with respect and asked for my input." --John and Sandy Devera

"From project, start to finish, Dreammaker delivered all that we hoped in an extremely professional, reliable & pleasant manner. The workmanship is excellent and we are very happy with our completely remodeled bathroom! Providing extraordinary customer service & satisfaction appears to their norm! We look forward to working with them again." --Sharon G.

"It was a very pleasant experience. They met our needs and the design was beyond what we expected. I feel I have my dream kitchen now." --Lee & Glenda R.

"We have used many remodeling vendors in the past few years and DreamMaker by far has been the best we've dealt with. It was very professionally planned out and executed and was a nice remodeling experience!" --Patty E.

"We had a very positive experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen™. The design process was simple with home visits to scope the project to sitting in the central design center to select the products we wanted. Once the project started in the home, we always were kept in the loop on progress. The construction crew went out of their way to keep our home clean. Our thanks to everyone at DreamMaker for our new master bathroom -- it's exactly what we envisioned at the start." --Dennis & Liz S.

"I really appreciated the respect DreamMaker exhibits when coming into your home. They are very respectful of your life going on around your construction. They treat your home with care." -- Mike and Cheryl G.

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