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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen History

Early innovation led to a system to put a hard surface topcoat on porcelain bathtubs and sinks, which became the foundation of the company that one day would become known as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen® The company, under The Dwyer Group umbrella, grew nationally as Worldwide Refinishing Systems, Inc. The dream continued as the company focused more and more on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, and it became known as DreamMaker in 1999.

When DreamMaker President and CSO Doug Dwyer bought the company from his family in 2003, the dream continued as the company vastly expanded its services, moving beyond resurfacing and refinishing to become a full-service interior remodeling company focused on improving lives. Today, we know that tradition of innovation and our continuing dream are driving our company to grow across the nation in order to serve and enrich people’s lives with dignity, excellence, humility and respect. At DreamMaker, our bottom line is people. Throughout the course of our franchise’s history, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has sought to treat people with respect and integrity as part of our company’s Code of Values™.

A Tradition of Innovation

We got our start back in 1975. Since 1988, under the name Worldwide Refinishing Systems, Inc., our network continuously created a vast array of possibilities to turn kitchens and bathrooms into personal reflections of yourself. In the process, we've become a recognized leader in our trade. While our name explained what we did, it didn't express all that we offered. And so, in 1999 we were rechristened DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen by Worldwide. This new title captures the mission that we've always had: to not only refinish and resurface bathrooms and kitchens but to reinvigorate them as well, through redesign and renovation with excellence.

A Continuing Dream

With a tradition of excellence in the remodeling industry that has been celebrated for more than 35 years, you'd expect us to rest on our laurels. But that wouldn't be us. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we never stop looking ahead. It's this tireless attitude that has made us who we are today. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted names in the kitchen, bathroom and interior remodeling industry today.


Spreading the Dream

Even outside the home, we constantly strive to build great things. For more than 20 years numerous publications, such as Success, Inc., Entrepreneur, Income Opportunities, Franchise Times and Successful Franchising, have all consistently ranked our company as a top franchise opportunity, nationally and internationally.

One key to our success has been our drive to distinguish ourselves through forward thinking. In 2002 our president Doug Dwyer was named by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine as one of five professionals under the age of 35 who are making an impact on the industry. As he says, "DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen continues to raise the bar in the bath, kitchen and interior remodeling industry by providing quality and value that exceed the investment and professionalism in an industry where it's hard to find."

In the end, we want the same thing as you: a happy and beautiful home for you and your family. "We offer the consumer the security of knowing they are doing business with a company they can trust to help them experience a dream come true," says Dwyer. After 35 years, we're still building your dreams.

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